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Options during Covid-19 

We are closely monitoring the continually changing landscape of the COVID-19 situation and assure you that we continue to follow and enhance all health agency and government mandates. We have put additional methods in place to ensure a clean, safe, hospitable environment for all our caterings and their guests.

We appreciate your loyalty and commitment and quite frankly depend on your support of our local small business during this time.

WE ARE OPEN for business.

We are offering several ways that you can still provide that much needed appreciation or morale boost for your teams. Many of you still have team members on site who cannot work from home.

As a response to the Governor’s request that we be patient, creative and innovative in conducting business we are offering options that you may be able to utilize to re-schedule or even book a new event.

  • We can offer to serve smaller groups over multiple days

  • We can stagger time frames throughout the day so that areas can be sanitized in between and avoid a mass gathering.

  • We can offer a drop off service.

  • We can offer boxed meals as a drop off. Both our breakfast items and or lunch/dinner items would be available.

We greatly appreciate those who have re-scheduled. If you would like to discuss one of the above options or learn more about how we can work with you please call me at 614-717-9019 Or email us at


I would love the opportunity to help your team follow the guidelines of this crisis and still maintain company morale and maintain some semblance of normalcy. We will continue to live by our core values of Hospitality, Integrity, Respect and Fun.

Catching Pancakes is the “Original form of Social Distancing” and the only sport we have for the time being!


Hal Epler

AKA "Chris"

Chris Cakes of Ohio

Covid-19: Text
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